Can Somone Travel With a Patient?

Yes, all of our ambulances are fitted with 2 spare seats in the rear of the vehicle. Provided there is not a huge amount of extra belongings then 2 companions are more than welcome to travel with the patient.

Can We Take Luggage?

Yes, we have space for a reasonable amount of luggage providing it will not interfere with the patient’s care. Our ambulances are bespoke-made and provide enough space for 3 large suitcases as well as universal wheelchair clamps fitted the floor of the ambulance to secure any make and model of wheel char.

Do Your Ambulances Have Blue Lights?

Yes, all our ambulances are fitted with emergency blue lights and sirens but are only used during emergency transfers.

Do You Have monitoring Cappabilites?

Yes, we use LifePack 15’s to monitor all patients. These top-of-the-range machines are able to monitor SATS, blood pressure, ECG and also act as a defibrillator.

Are You a 24 Hour Service?

Yes, Our phones are manned 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Are All of the Ambulance Staff Medics?

Yes, all of our ambulance staff are fully medically qualified. Their expertise ranges from Emergency Care Assistant to Paramedic including Emergency Technicians.

Can We Stop For Breaks?

Of Course! Our top priority is comfort for the patient. Any of our crew members would be more than happy to stop for toilet breaks although we do carry disposable sanitary products and bottled water in the case of an emergency.

Can Your Medics Administer Medication?

Our Paramedics and Technicians carry their own medication bags and can administer most medications during a transfer.

Are You Insured For Driving Abroad?

Yes, we love long-distance transfers. Our medics have all done transfers around Europe including Germany, France, Poland, and Belgium.

Can You take Emergency Transfers?

Yes, all our ambulances are equipped to handle any emergency and are fitted with blue lights and sirens for emergrency transfers.